“Our experience...was excellent...there were so many good photos that it was hard to narrow it down to the ones we would order! We were very pleased with our photos and received great compliments on our Christmas card which was also a Judy Lee design. Thank you Judy!”

“Judy is amazing to work with—she connected so well with my children and beautifully captured so many candid moments. Her creativity and expertise is outstanding and we will keep coming to her for our family photos."

"When I look at my images, I see the me that used to travel around the world. The me that does her own thing, and doesn’t care what others think. It’s the me that is still in there somewhere, but on most days I don’t know how to get to her. Seeing myself in my images is giving me courage to look for myself again in my every day life."
"When I told my daughter I was having this photo session, her immediate reaction was to ask for one of the prints to hang in her room which really struck me. Sometimes you forget that’s important to your kids and that they see you through the lens of that love and they cherish it and can have something physical to remind them."