See your TRUE SELF so you can live with more AUTHENTICITY, INTENTION, and PURPOSE.

Do you know who you really are?

At heart, we all want to be seen but are too afraid of being judged or rejected. Instead of looking to ourselves for validation and self-worth, we look for it elsewhere. We tell ourselves stories about who we think we are and what we think we’re capable of based on our limiting beliefs. We live in fear based on these beliefs because there is a part of us that feels that we are “not enough.” This is not who I believe we are.

I believe all of us have an innertrue self. It is the self on our best days and the self we aspire to be. Although we sometimes don’t see or feel her, she is still in there. She is the woman we truly are and the woman we’re meant to be. When we are connected to her, there is unimaginable strength and beauty. This is the woman I want to show you.

Be the woman you were meant to be.

Imagine how different your life would be if you had a strong connection to yourself, gave yourself the validation you wanted from others, leaned into your fears and showed up fully as your most authentic self. What would your life look like? If you’re ready to find out, I invite you to have coffee with me to explore how I can play a role in your journey.

Transformative Portraits

To live to your fullest potential, you have to reconnect to yourself and know who you truly are. Transformative Portraits can help shift how you see yourself and can be a meaningful way to explore the many sides of you and to realize the woman you aspire to be is already inside of you.

I Matter Program

This 6-week intensive program is designed to empower you to radically shift your life so that you can begin to show up fully as your true self. It includes weekly workshops in an intimate group setting designed to explore who are you are and a Transformative Portrait experience.


Events are a meaningful way to engage with me to experience who I am and what I do in my mission to empower women to live with more authenticity, intention and purpose.

WOWED Panelist

Coffee with Intention

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