Coffee with Intention on Midlife

There were so many takeaways from today’s event including letting go of the expectations of how our lives are supposed to look like or who we’re supposed to be.

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Letting Go of Mom Guilt

I struggled most of motherhood feeling guilty for being a 'bad' mom and falling short all the time and most of us moms feel that way.

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A Room of Her Own

Do you have a room or space of your own?

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Embracing All of You

We have experiences that range from wonderful to terrible and everything in between. They all contribute to our being and make us who we are.

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Fully Embrace Yourself

To truly explore and look inward, you need to see all sides of you because you are a complex, multifaceted human being.

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Podcast Interview on Women Who Went for It

I was so honored to be interviewed for the Women Who Went for it Podcast.

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Being Busy vs. Feeling Busy

Being busy is based on external's what happening around us and in our lives. Feeling busy is actually a choice.

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Real Estate Gals (& Guy) Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot for The Real Estate Gals (and guy) a few years ago and it was time to update their photographs.

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What does your emotional armor look like?

I've since taken off my armor and realized that I never knew who I was until now.

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Worthy of being seen

I didn't want to be seen. I think on some some level, I felt like I didn't deserve to be seen.

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