Giveaway: Emily’s Reveal (Part III)

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“This wasn’t just taking a picture. This was a journey.”

Portrait Session Giveaway winner Emily finally had her reveal. When she saw the pictures, she was initially overwhelmed. As she took time to look, she began seeing her many different sides. Each of the pictures reflected different times in her life. In her post interview, she explained,

“I see the me from before I had kids. I see the me from my early time with my husband, before we were husband and wife. I see the mom in there as well. I...

A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband

A Father’s Day Tribute to My Husband

Fatherhood has changed so much from when my husband and I were growing up and we often discuss what it means in our family. The topic is especially poignant for us because my husband grew up without a father. Inspired by him and what I’ve observed among other fathers in our community, I started the Modern Fatherhood project. I see fatherhood not in the big gestures but in the small everyday routine things dads do with their children. The project aims, through photography and a brief interview, to document and explore the meaning of fatherhood today.

To the Woman Hiding from the Camera, Let’s Have a Chat

To the Woman Hiding from the Camera, Let’s Have a Chat

I see you. The one who steps out of the way every time you see a camera.

You don’t want to be seen…for a variety of reasons.

“I’m not photogenic.” “I don’t like the way I look.” “I’m too fat.” “I’m too old.” “I don’t like myself.” “No one needs to see me.”

Whatever the reason may be, you believe something about yourself. It’s a fundamental belief that is not just about having your picture taken. What’s really going on in your mind?

I don’t want to be seen. I don’t need to be seen. I don’t deserve to be seen....

Giveaway: Emily’s Portrait Session Day (Part II)

Part I | Part II | Reveal

If you’ve been following Emily’s journey, we got a chance to sit down with her in Part I and learned why she entered the giveaway and what she expected from the portrait experience. In Part II, we get a peek into Emily’s portrait session day. Emily felt pampered because this was the first time she had makeup applied professionally and hair styled.

A few days later, she sat down for an interview to talk about what the experience felt like. The biggest takeaway from her portrait session day was how quickly she...

Giveaway: Emily’s Pre-Session Interview (Part I)

Part I | Part II | Reveal

To launch my new studio portrait business, I offered a giveaway and the grand prize was a full studio experience and print collection. The grand prize winner, randomly chosen by my son among qualified entrants, was Emily. I interviewed Emily prior to her session about her expectations. When I asked why she entered, she focused on her desire to reconnect with herself. She replied:

“It’s been a rough year and a half and I’m pretty tired all the time…and that’s what people see…and it’s kind of gotten me away from feeling normal,...