Why All of Our Daughters are Beautiful

When you tell your daughter she is beautiful, what do you mean? Are you commenting on her physical appearance? How good her hair looks? What shape she’s in? No. When you tell your daughter she’s beautiful, you are commenting on her inner beauty. You’re referring to all the things that make her her—who she is, what she likes, and what she believes. Your daughter’s beauty comes from within.

I remember being a teenager standing in front of the mirror in my room (me pictured front with my cousin). I’d examine my thighs and feel like they were too big. I...

The Woman You See

If you’re a mom like me, you see other moms everywhere and everyday—at the playground, the supermarket, at your exercise class. Maybe you talk to some of these moms. Some you know casually and others are your friends. However well you may know them, how much do we truly know someone? Beyond the ‘sides’ or ‘roles’ they display in public, do you know who they really are? Do you know their ambitions, desires, or vulnerabilities?

As much as we don’t truly know others, how much do we really know ourselves? Self-awareness and knowledge is more difficult when we become mothers....

Professional Headshot for Joan

Professional Headshot for Joan

Joan came to me for a professional headshots to update her LinkedIn profile. During her pre-consultation, we discussed her personality and how she wanted to represent herself. She requested she look professional and approachable. After viewing sample images, we agreed she should be smiling in her images. We decided to go with a dark gray background and neutral but bright color clothing. We also discussed her comfort level in front of the camera, what to expect and tips on how to do her hair and makeup. As a headshot photographer, preparation is key since sessions are brief. My...

The Gift of Self for Tracy on Mother’s Day

The Gift of Self for Tracy on Mother’s Day

Tracy’s portrait session came about via her husband who wanted to give her something extraordinary for Mother’s Day. He came to me after seeing the video for Mother’s Day and we talked about how important it was for mothers to have their portraits made. When does a woman get the chance to have a portrait of just herself, alone? A portrait that reveals her true self? He understood my philosophy about the importance of creating a tangible reminder of his wife. Portraits are a way for their children to connect to their mother in the future. They can be passed...

Giveaway: Emily’s Reveal (Part III)

Part I | Part II | Emily’s Reveal

“This wasn’t just taking a picture. This was a journey.”

Portrait Session Giveaway winner Emily finally had her reveal. When she saw the pictures, she was initially overwhelmed. As she took time to look, she began seeing her many different sides. Each of the pictures reflected different times in her life. In her post interview, she explained,

“I see the me from before I had kids. I see the me from my early time with my husband, before we were husband and wife. I see the mom in there as well. I...


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