Preparing for Family Photo Shoots: It’s Not About the Clothes

Preparing for Family Photo Shoots: It’s Not About the Clothes

There are lots of great articles and Pinterest boards that focus on preparing for family photo shoots. They focus on things like coordinating outfits, advice on what to tell your children, whether bribery is ok, etc. All of that is excellent and much needed advice but I’d like to go a different direction and instead focus on you, the parent(s).

Doing a family session can be hard, especially when it involves young children. Taking pictures of kids is akin to taking pictures of fast paced sports. Any parent with a camera knows kids don’t always cooperate...

What Makes a Woman Beautiful

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself that your friend thinks look great but all you see are the flaws? Or vice versa, when you see a picture of your friend and think she looks beautiful but she hates the way she looks? Our sense of self and self-perception become warped as teenagers and that carries into adulthood, compounded by life experiences, middle age, or whatever other reasons there may be.

In my post about why I think all of our daughters are beautiful, I talk about how hard it is for teenage girls to see how beautiful they...

Connecting to Your True Self

Connecting to Your True Self

Not too long ago, I felt broken and lost. I went through difficulties in my life that left me feeling like a shell of the person I used to be. I went through my days with a smile and tried to be as upbeat as I could while wanting to run away from it all and disappear. I had forgotten who I was or what I wanted. If you had met or seen me during this time, you wouldn’t have guessed.

All of this changed when I saw women’s portrait photographer Sue...

Headshots for a Creative

Headshots for a Creative

There are many different genres of headshots. Traditional corporate headshots tend to be broadly lit and feature a smiling face. Creative professionals need something a little different. Headshots for creatives should focus on mood, dramatic lighting and expressions that reflect their brand. All of these elements help creatives better represent themselves than a traditional headshot would.

Prior to our session, Chris and I discussed how he wanted to look in his photographs. He requested a non-smiling expression and left the rest to me. My goal was to create images that attract potential clients. Clients who are then interested in...

Why All of Our Daughters are Beautiful

When you tell your daughter she is beautiful, what do you mean? Are you commenting on her physical appearance? How good her hair looks? What shape she’s in? No. When you tell your daughter she’s beautiful, you are commenting on her inner beauty. You’re referring to all the things that make her her—who she is, what she likes, and what she believes. Your daughter’s beauty comes from within.

I remember being a teenager standing in front of the mirror in my room (me pictured front with my cousin). I’d examine my thighs and feel like they were too big. I...


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