The Gift of Self: The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

Who is the ‘mother’ in your life? Is your mom, wife, sister, daughter, or friend? How do you show your appreciation for all that she does? What is the perfect Mother’s Day gift? A lovely brunch? A spa package? Precious artwork from her children? These are all wonderful gifts because anything from the heart is meaningful.

This year, consider giving the mother in your life something extraordinary. A legacy portrait session will outlive her, create her legacy and last for generations. It can also be a meaningful experience for her and is the ultimate GIFT OF SELF.  Seeing her portraits can…

  • make her feel beautiful;
  • make her feel special;
  • let her know she deserves to be seen;
  • let her know she will be remembered one day;
  • help her see all the different sides of her;
  • help her reconnect with herself;
  • help her realize that even though she puts everyone else before her, she matters.

A portrait isn’t just about capturing a pretty picture of someone. It’s about capturing who they are and all the beautiful sides of her. If you would like to witness what a portrait session is like, visit the Experience for Women page. You can read testimonials and watch ‘reveals’ to witness five women seeing their portraits for the first time. Mother’s Day is May 14th.

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