First Impressions Matter

Headshots can communicate so many different things depending on your line of work. Maybe you’re a corporate type and need to communicate confidence and power. Maybe you’re a creative and want a more artsy and moody headshot or maybe you’re a small business owner of a service company and need to communicate friendly and warm. Whatever the case may be, your headshot should communicate the part of your personality that best represents your work. All you need is one exceptional, authentic picture.

My mission is to provide you with a professional photograph that represents your authentic and best self. I specialize in photographing people who don’t like having their picture taken or may be uncomfortable in front of the camera. Every headshot session comes with an in-person pre-consultation so we can discuss your needs and prepare you for what to expect. I aim to allay any anxiety you may have and provide you with a smooth experience with excellent results.


Sessions are ideal for professionals who need a quick session with the goal of creating 1-2 exceptional images. At our pre-consultation, we will design your session by discussing the qualities you want to represent in your image as well as the mood. We will discuss your expectations, wardrobe and other details so that we are ready to go when you come for your headshot.

30 minute pre-consultation
20 minute shooting time
1 outfit & background
Online preview gallery of 5 images
Selection of 1 high quality digital image

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