Holding Space for Women

Holding Space for Women
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen. Because true belonging happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world.”   —Brené Brown


I held my very first event, Coffee with Intention, in my studio last Wednesday and held space for seven women. We came together and talked openly and honestly about “vulnerability.” We shared our experiences, our beliefs and came to some realizations about our lives together. It was a gathering filled with authentic connections and I was happy to hear a couple of women who didn’t know each other well would be connecting on their own as a result. So many of us crave this deep connection with others but are so afraid of what others will think of us. We are afraid. We hide ourselves and our deepest, most vulnerable thoughts and it leaves us feeling disconnected. I know for me personally, I felt like I was just reacting to life and not actively living until I started showing myself. It changed the trajectory of my life and now I feel like my life has meaning and purpose. I still have my down days and struggles, some of which I’ve shared with you in my newsletter, but that doesn’t take away from the greater feeling I have that I am truly living. The next Coffee with Intention will be held next Friday, May 4th and the topic will be FEAR. You can sign up on Facebook or directly on Eventbrite.

This coming Sunday, on April 15th, I will holding a mini-workshop on FEAR called “Unleashed” for women at Gather Seattle’s Studio in Pioneer Square in collaboration with Gather Seattle and Velé. It will be my first time speaking. This event came about when I started putting myself out there, despite my discomfort with going to events where I knew no one. I connected by chance with Lauren of Velé, an ethically sourced fashion company that promotes womens’ empowerment and worthiness. We ended up having coffee and talked about our aligned missions and how we could collaborate. That resulted in a connection to Chloe at Gather Seattle, whose mission is to build meaningful community around delicious food and intentional conversation, and “Unleashed” was born. There is a part of me that feels like I am not good enough to do this—the part of me that will always live inside of me. The difference now is that the part of me who is always doubting her worthiness whispers instead of shouts and I don’t let her control me anymore. Other than planning the event, I haven’t thought much about it because I want to live in the present. Worrying about a future that hasn’t happened yet won’t change anything except make me anxious now. I feel it looming in the distance and I know as it gets close, I will I feel fear. But I also believe ALL of us have fear and giving into it means limiting our full potential. I believe in inspiring by example and by choosing to lean into my fear, I will unleash my power. We are inspired by those who struggle and overcome, not those who are perfect. So I embrace my imperfections and fear and thank them for guiding me. There may still be some tickets left, which you can buy at Gather Seattle‘s Events page. This fear workshop is a condensed version of a full day workshop called “Lean Into Fear” that I will be holding at my studio sometime in the next month or so.

Allow Yourself to Be Noticed


I would like to introduce you to my new makeup artist, LiSun Goh. I met her through a women’s business owners group. I liked her portfolio, makeup philosophy and emphasis on minimal, natural looking makeup so arranged to meet her in person. I asked her why she’s a makeup artist and she said she loves how women react when she’s done, how they feel more confident and good about themselves. I loved her energy and kindness so we worked together with a client and a new professional relationship was born. We have come together to offer “Makeup Workshop: Allow Yourself to Be Noticed” on Thursday, April 26. So many of us women don’t bother to wear makeup either because we don’t feel like we have time or don’t know what we’re doing so we wanted to offer a hands-on workshop on a quick and easy routine anyone could do everyday as well as tips and recommendations. We will also have a discussion on “makeup” and our feelings and beliefs about it and how it ties to our sense of worthiness. You can sign up on Facebook or directly on Eventbrite.

While the primary purpose of my studio space is to provide women with Transformative Portrait Experiences, I also want to hold space for women so that they can feel like they matter. We feel like we matter when we allow ourselves to be seen and are acknowledged and accepted. I hope you will join me. 

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