“I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you.”

– Frida Kahlo

No fancy outfits, no stylized setup, just a simple backdrop and lighting. My goal is to capture you, your true self, and who you really are.

Why have your portrait taken?

Legacy portraits are an important and meaningful way to document your existence for future generations. One day, you will leave behind loved ones who will want to look at and remember you. They will look at your portrait and remember the moments you shared, how you used to make them feel, how you used to smile, the sensation of your touch… They will look into your eyes and see you. Portraits aren’t about just capturing what you look like but about capturing who you are. It’s about creating your legacy so that you will be remembered.

Like our parents, grandparents, and generations before us, portraits are the most important and valuable heirloom you can leave behind.

Who is it for?

Portrait sessions take place in a controlled lighting and studio environment. They are slow paced and highly directed and are suitable for women, men and teens. Children who enjoy being photographed and take direction well are also welcome.

A Special Experience for Teens

Being a girl is hard. Maintaining high self-esteem during a time of uncertainty while being inundated with messages about how girls should look and act is difficult. Capturing your daughter’s essence and her inner beauty and showing that to her can be empowering. She will also cherish these images some day when she is older and be able to show them to her children. Read why I think all of our daughters are beautiful.

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