Judy Lee Photography, Seattle Portrait Photographer

“When people look at my pictures I want them to feel the way they do when they want to read a line of a poem twice.”

— Robert Frank

Judy Lee

Seattle Portrait Photographer

I love having my photo taken!

Is this how you feel? If so, that’s wonderful! I am so excited to take your photograph! But it’s not how I feel and chances are, you don’t either. I remember being a teenager and frustrating my dad because I’d always duck whenever he pointed his camera at me. That didn’t change much into adulthood.

When I picked up photography, I took thousands of pictures of my children, some with my husband, but never any with me. I worried too much about how I would look…afraid of having a double chin, a gummy smile, or look unflattering.

I took photographs of my kids because I wanted to remember every moment of their childhood. I was thinking about what I wanted to see but what about them? When my kids look at me, they don’t see the flaws and all the things I am self-conscious or insecure about. They see the person who loves them and who they come crying to when they are hurt or sad. They see me and they see love. When they are grown and I am gone, it is me who they will want to see in their pictures. They will want to see me so that they can remember who I was and what I meant to them.

Since making a commitment to be in my family’s photos, I am getting used to seeing myself but still don’t like having my photo taken. I’ve thought a lot about why and realize it has nothing to do with how I look but instead how I feel about myself. Have you ever seen a picture of a friend and thought she looked beautiful but she hated how she looked? Or vice versa?

I’m realizing that difficult experiences and life in general has worn me down and as a middle aged woman, I’ve lost some connection with myself. I felt this way until I discovered women’s portrait photography and it ignited something in me. I realize now my purpose is to help women reconnect with themselves through portraits.

I believe all of us have an inner light and that sometimes we lose sight of it. I am on a journey to reconnect with mine and I hope you will join me too. There is nothing more fulfilling than to show women their inner light—their beauty and strength—and show them it’s still in them.

If this is a journey you’re interested in taking or you’re just simply curious, let’s sit down for a cup of coffee (or tea) and chat. Contact me using my contact page or email me at hi@judyleephotography.com.