“There’s nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen.”

― Brené Brown

Judy Lee

Transformative Portrait Photographer

Finding My Life’s Purpose

It all started with a decision…

I found myself approaching my mid-40s feeling lost and disconnected from myself. Somewhere along the way, through life and difficult times, I lost my confidence and drive. I lost a part of myself. Instead of living my life with intention, my fears kept getting in the way and I felt like I didn’t matter.

I had a family photography business I started years ago but resisted investing any real effort into it. Suffering from impostor syndrome, I lacked the confidence to even call myself a ‘photographer.’ That all changed when I saw a portrait photographer speak and knew women’s portraits was my calling. It awoke something in me and the calling became louder than my fear so I pursued it. I discovered I could capture a woman’s essence, her confidence, inner beauty, and soul. I felt destined to succeed but once I set up my portrait studio, I didn’t succeed as expected. My fears kept getting in the way and I realized I was doing without beingI was asking women to be vulnerable in front of my camera but I wasn’t vulnerable. I was asking women to reconnect with themselves through my portraits but I wasn’t connected to myself. I had so much more to learn… That’s when I made the decision to face my fears and my journey to reconnect with myself truly began.* I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or where I was going — it felt like a leap into the dark unknown but one I trusted. Once I walked through that darkness, I discovered my inner light and realized everything I aspired to be was already inside me, in my true self. I confronted my old fears and listened to my gut and in that process found my life’s purpose unfolding.

I had to go on my own journey to realize my purpose is to empower women by giving them the opportunity go on theirs. I want women to see themselves, their true selves and realize the woman they aspire to be is already in them. Just as I had done for me. I had to first learn to value myself, know my inherent self-worth and that had to come from inside of me.

I hope you decide to show up for yourself too and go on your journey with me. If you’re ready to make a change, to be brave and take a leap into the dark unknown, if you know you want to do this deep in your soul and it scares you to your core, let’s chat over coffee to see if I can play a role. In the meantime, I can tell you without doubt, that the woman you want to be is already inside of you. You matter.

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