“There’s nothing more daring than showing up, putting ourselves out there and letting ourselves be seen.”

― Brené Brown

Judy Lee

Transformative Portrait Photographer

Finding My Life’s Purpose

It all started with a decision…

I found myself approaching my mid-40s feeling lost and disconnected from myself. Somewhere along the way, through life and difficult times, I lost my confidence and drive. I lost a part of myself. Instead of living my life with intention, my fears kept getting in the way and I felt like I didn’t matter.

I had a family photography business I started years ago but resisted investing any real effort into it. Suffering from impostor syndrome, I lacked the confidence to even call myself a ‘photographer.’ That all changed when I saw a portrait photographer speak and knew women’s portraits was my calling. It awoke something in me and the calling became louder than my fear so I pursued it. I discovered I could capture a woman’s essence, her confidence, inner beauty, and soul. I felt destined to succeed but once I set up my home portrait studio, I didn’t succeed as expected. My fears kept getting in the way and I realized I was doing without beingI was asking women to be vulnerable in front of my camera but I wasn’t vulnerable. I was asking women to reconnect with themselves through my portraits but I wasn’t connected to myself. I had so much more to learn… That’s when I made the decision to face my fears and my journey to reconnect with myself truly began.* I didn’t know exactly what I was doing or where I was going — it felt like a leap into the dark unknown but one I trusted. Once I walked through that darkness, I discovered my inner light and realized everything I aspired to be was already inside me, in my true self. I confronted my old fears and listened to my gut and in that process found my life’s purpose unfolding.

I had to go on my own journey to realize my purpose is to empower women by giving them the opportunity go on theirs. I want women to see themselves, their true selves and realize the woman they aspire to be is already in them. Just as I had done for me. I had to first learn to value myself, know my inherent self-worth and that had to come from inside of me.

I hope you decide to show up for yourself too. If you’re ready to make a change, if you know you want to do this in your gut and it scares you, let’s chat over coffee to see if I can play a role. In the meantime, I can tell you without doubt, that the woman you want to be is already inside of you. 

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