My Mission & Philosophy As a Photographer

I am a greater Seattle area photographer and I create legacies for families and individuals.

As a photographer, my goal is two fold. The first is to create beautiful imagery for you and/or your family in the best possible light. The second, and just as important, is to help your family create a legacy by offering archival prints that will outlive you and your children and can be passed down for generations. That is ultimately why we take photographs. It’s not just so we can share them online or even hang on a wall. Photographs are meant to capture a moment in time so we can preserve them for the future.

I also have a secondary mission that is meaningful to me as a mom. I strongly feel that all women should have their portraits taken. When we devote ourselves to taking care of our children and families, we can sometimes lose touch with ourselves. Portraits aren’t about taking a pretty picture of someone; they are about capturing who they are—the many sides of someone. Women find the ‘reveal,’ their photographs viewing, to be an emotional experience. They see different sides of themselves, with some that they haven’t seen in years. It reconnects them to those sides and is an important reminder that they matter. Please visit my Studio Experience page to learn more, watch the videos below or visit the Testimonials page.



A message for moms (and dads) and why it’s important to be in your family’s pictures.

Moms have so many reasons for not getting in front of the camera but they forget the most important reason why.


I believe that every woman is beautiful and that she should be able to see how beautiful she is…seeing oneself that way is important and empowering.

Discover what it’s like to see your portrait for the first time. Visit the Testimonials page to witness five different women as they truly see themselves for the first time.


We all have different sides, some we haven’t been in touch with in years. Portraits can help us see those sides and truly see the beautiful person that we are.