“The longer I look at the pictures, the more I see so I’m getting to know myself. I’m learning about who that ‘me’ is. The experience has been really incredible. It’s not about the superficial, the makeup, the hair, the clothing. It got down to that person in there.”

– Kate

No fancy outfits, no stylized setup, just a simple backdrop and lighting. My goal is to capture you, your true self, and who you really are.

Why have a Transformative Portrait Experience?

We women have such a complicated relationship with seeing ourselves in pictures. Have you ever had the experience of hating how you looked in a picture while everyone else told you how great you looked? Disliking ourselves in pictures isn’t about how we look. It’s about our sense of worthiness, self-value and the unrealistic standards to which we hold ourselves. At heart, it is the fear of being seen and being judged or rejected. We spend our lives looking outside ourselves for validation and worth and when we do that, we are disconnected from our true selves. It keeps us from living to our fullest potential.

Imagine how different your life would be if you recognized your self-worth and lived as your most authentic self. That can only happen when you know who you are. Take the important step and allow yourself to be seen. Prioritize yourself and declare your worth. The Transformative Portrait Experience is designed to empower you to explore who you are and reflect on how you see yourself. It can help reconnect you to yourself and shift how you see yourself. You have the potential to be the woman you aspire to be. You just have to realize she’s already inside of you. Visit the Testimonials page to witness what it’s like for yourself.

A Special Experience for Teens

Being a girl is hard. Maintaining high self-esteem during a time of uncertainty while being inundated with messages about how girls should look and act is difficult. Capturing your daughter’s essence and her inner beauty and showing that to her can be empowering. She will also cherish these images some day when she is older and be able to show them to her children. Read why I think all of our daughters are beautiful.

Before & Afters

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