A group of women spent today “visioning” together in a powerful workshop led by Angie Louthan Coaching and hosted by me at my studio. We learned about the cycle of limiting beliefs, feelings and behavior, did guided meditations, journaled and then finally created vision boards that focused more on how we want to feel by the end of 2020 rather than what we wanted to accomplish.

At the last new year’s event with Anam Cara Healing Center, Hannah emphasized how much how we want to feel matters when we’re setting resolutions and intentions. In our masculine culture, “feelings” are dismissed and considered unimportant but it is the subconscious driver of everything we do. Feelings matter. How we show up and make others feel matter. The way I want to feel in 2020 and always is “alignment” which to me means staying true to who I am. How do you want to feel this year?