If you follow me on social media, namely Facebook or Instagram, you know that I’ve recently leased a studio space. Through my newsletter, you’ve read about my struggles and fear about making such a huge leap and while you witnessed me grapple with these, actually signing the lease wasn’t as scary as I expected. I think doing all the work on myself to get to the lease signing made it feel like a natural progression of my growth, my expansion, of stepping into the person I truly am and the woman I’m meant to be.

Part of walking my path towards my purpose means embracing the unknown. Only by doing this can we do things differently and be open enough to see new opportunities.

Part of walking my path towards my purpose means embracing the unknown. Only by doing this can we do things differently and be open enough to see new opportunities. My vision of my studio space evolved from a neighbor’s converted artist garage to a first floor retail space of a townhouse nestled in my neighborhood to where I’ve now landed—the StudioWorks Ballard building. I initially did not want to be here, especially with the commitment of a year lease, but this building kept popping up on my radar. I visited one unit. It was too small and dark. The building manager asked me to come back and visit a second corner unit. It still seemed too small. Then the manager asked me what I thought if they connected two units together for me. The entire time I was looking at this building, I could not picture myself there. The windows weren’t big enough, they sat too high, there was no sink access in the unit, etc. But when she suggested the two rooms together, I could not stop thinking about it and my gut told me I was meant to be there. I trust that the reason will become clear to me in the future. So here I am committed to a year in this building, my initial budget up by 50%, and walking my path towards my purpose despite my fear.

I feel so privileged and grateful to have a place for women to gather. It is so important to me that my studio is a space where women can come to feel like they matter—where they can take off some of their emotional armor and allow themselves to be seen. My intention is to positively impact every single woman who walks through my door so she leaves feeling a little lighter, more empowered and assured that the woman she is inside is capable of whatever it is she wants to accomplish and deserving of whatever it is her heart desires. Every. Woman. Matters.

To celebrate my studio opening and in the spirit of supporting fellow female business owners, Dutch+Bow, run by amazing woman and jewelry designer Ariane, will be there to sell her jewelry. There will also be a raffle for a $50 gift certificate to clothing shop Foundation, run by fabulous female business owner Summer. I visited Summer’s shop once, bought some jewelry and a dress, and invited her to my Open House because I loved her shop. She couldn’t make it but offered the $50 certificate to help me celebrate. This is the spirit I’ve always encountered as I’ve plugged into the female founders community. It is one of support, of uplifting each other, and working together.

For more specific details, visit the Facebook Event Page.