When I take your portrait, my intention isn't to capture what you look like. My intention is to capture what is true. Because true is always beautiful. Always.

When you go on an exploratory journey into yourself through a portrait experience with me, your final photograph(s) selection is not up to you, it’s up to me. I intentionally designed it that way because we have a hard time seeing ourselves as we are. We judge and fear looking at ourselves beyond the superficial smile we are willing to show the world.

So how do I make the final photo selection? I look for what is true. Because accepting, embracing, and eventually loving ourselves requires us to accept what is true in us, however that truth shows up whether that is in our brightest light or our most vulnerable shadows.

Whatever that truth looks like for you, the one thing I can promise is that you will be beautiful. Seeing the beauty and value in your truth might be an immediate or gradual process but however it happens, seeing this is how we learn to step into our most authentic selves.

Your truth is beautiful, no matter what it looks like. Always. ⠀