A friend and I had coffee recently to catch up after our whirlwind of a summer. We talked about our travels and time spent with family but also about what we had planned for the fall. We eventually started talking about the new year when she said that fall was more of the new year for her. I thought about what she said and realized I felt the same way. Fall is my time for renewal. During the summer, I focus on the outside and getting outdoors and experiencing adventure but in fall, I return to our family’s routine and with kids in school, finally feel like I can return to myself.

It’s been a whirlwind of exciting activity returning to myself and my work of creating spaces for women to return to themselves. I feel energized and excited to share with you what the studio has planned for early fall. The thing I’m most excited about is the Raw Storytelling for Women event that will take place this Thursday. It’s something that feels so much bigger than me, like a calling, and I’m excited to see where this goes. Aligned with this is growing the WomanSpeak circle. I am excited to grow the group and to bring this to more women who want to find their voice so I’m having another Intro Class in October.

I’m also excited about partnering up with Asha Blooms to again offer the I Am: The Power of Intention workshop to Washington Women In Need (WINN) scholarship recipients. We believe in giving back and the women of this group have worked so hard to overcome challenges to strive for something greater that offering this workshop to them was a wonderful fit.

Next month, Transformational Coach Angie Louthan and will again be offering the shadow workshop, Finding Light in Dark. This work is so meaningful to us and we’re excited to continue offering this opportunity to more women as we, ourselves, are learning to embrace our own many shadows and flaws too. In addition, I will again be hosting a series of intuitive art classes for Angie, which I am also planning to attend so I hope you’ll join me!

Happy fall and may you have many beautiful opportunities to return to yourself.

Studio Events

Raw Storytelling for Women
Be inspired and see women speak their truths or get up and speak yours. This is a community event open to any woman interested in real and vulnerable storytelling. The topic is “Fear.” This event is this Thursday and there are only a few tickets left. Sponsored by Armoire and GTS Kombucha and all proceeds benefit Dress for Success.
Sept. 19, Thursday @6:30-8:00. Get tickets on Eventbrite or Facebook.


I AM: The Power of Intention Workshop for WINN Recipients
Asha Blooms and I have partnered up with Washington Women in Need (WINN) to offer this workshop to scholarship recipients. These women believed in themselves and worked hard to reach for something greater to improve their lives. Now they will have an intentional necklace to empower them to keep going because our thoughts and intentions matter.
Sept. 21. Open to WINN Scholarship recipients.


Intuitive Art Class Series by Angie Louthan
I will be hosting Angie at my studio to teach a series of her Intuitive Art classes. These classes are designed to help you explore your subconscious thoughts through the playful experience of art and using it to practice mindfulness and trusting your gut. While details of the classes are forthcoming, please save the date if you’re interested in joining me in the class as I will be participating as an attendant!
Fridays on Sept 27, Oct 25th, Nov 22nd @6:30-8:30; Oct 25t , Oct 5 @10:oo-12:30pm. Registration information TBA.


RAW Project Participant Gathering
The RAW Project is finally complete. This is a gathering for RAW portrait participants for a print presentation and for the women to connect. While this gathering is only open to RAW participants, I am planning a collaboration with Gather Seattle for an event for everyone on November 7th. To see the RAW project, visit the site here. There are a total of 16 portraits and stories and the remaining will be posted by the end of Fall.
Sept. 30. Open to RAW Project participants.


Finding Light in the Dark (2-Day Workshop)
It’s easy to love the parts of us that are full of light but what about the shadow parts of us? We all have shadows and most of us don’t like these aspects so we spend our lives avoiding them. But shadows are an important part of who we are. Learning to embrace them and seeing the gifts they bring will help us to accept ourselves fully.

“Finding Light in the Dark” is a 2-day workshop offered in collaboration with Life Coach Angie Louthan to explore your shadow self. Meditation, journaling and photography are used to help you embrace your shadows so you can learn to let go of self-judgment and practice self-compassion.
Saturday, Oct 5 @10:oo-12:30pm; Saturday, October 12 @10:00-12:00pm. Register on Eventbrite or Facebook.


WomanSpeak Intro Class
WomanSpeak now meets day times two Wednesdays a month from 10:00-12:00pm. For those of you who would like to learn to trust your voice and speak with greater impact, I will be offering an Intro Class which meets one hour before the regular circle meeting to learn more about the program and then join the class after so you can actually experience what it’s like. WomanSpeak is so much more than a speaking program. It’s a journey into who you are and the message you have to share with the world. It’s all about personal growth and empowerment. You can read more about it on my website or Facebook event listing.
Oct. 19 Wednesday @9:00-12:00pm. Register here.


RAW Project Gallery Show & Panel Discussion
Save the date! I will announce details as this event comes together.
Nov. 7. TBA


Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels