Do you have a room or space of your own? I’ve been struggling this summer with the limited time I have to work and be on my own since my kids are on summer break. I’ve been trying to be present with my kids but having little time to myself has been challenging. This week, my kids are in camp. I’ve been feeling down and wanted to mope around my house all day yesterday but being connected to myself, I was aware of my feelings so made myself come to my studio. As soon as I stepped into my space, my spirits started lifting and I felt calm. How a space feels and looks greatly impacts our well being. The studio is an intentional and calming space that is mine, not overrun with dirty fingerprints on the walls and random toys scattered throughout. I hope you have a little space where you can feel at home with yourself, where you feel alive, energized, productive and your mind could be at peace. I dream of having a studio one day big enough to house several little rooms available for women on their journeys because every woman deserves a room of her own.

If you would like to see a photographic tour of my studio, please visit the Studio Tour post.