Have you ever tried to have a deep conversation with someone and then been given a look? Judged? Felt unsafe? I’ve found in my own experience that not everyone wants that. Some people like to keep it light and with others, you need to spend a lot of time getting through their armor.

That was probably me a few years ago but ever since I’ve been on this journey back to my true self, I’ve only been wanting to connect with people in deep, meaningful ways. I joke (but not really) with people when we are first getting to know each other. “I want to see your darkness,” I say. Fortunately, the people I now encounter want to connect too and openly share.

You are not alone if you want this kind of connection…the kind that is vulnerable, raw and real, where you don’t have to hide who you are or how you feel and you can show up in really honest ways without fear of judgment. You’re not looking for validation, I know. You just want to be seen and you want to see others.

"I want to connect with women who are willing to have heart-to-heart conversations with me in a sacred space."

I created Empowered Sisterhood to give us that sacred space where we can show up and be ourselves among other women who want the same. That’s why Lisa joined the community and shared why in the quote above. I hope you join too. If you’re looking for a community committed to personal connection and growth, we are here, waiting for you. DM me. I would love to tell you more. ⠀


Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash