It’s so easy to sit in the middle of crisis and become consumed by all the challenging realities we are faced with every day. Some of us are feeling stressed as we finally go to the grocery store because we need food while others are concerned about bills and how we will get through next month. For some of us, the challenges are different as essential workers or for those of us with loved ones who have fallen ill or worst. If there is one thing that I’ve learned from all the crises I’ve experienced in life ranging from pregnancy loss to adoption trauma or from talking to others about big life changes like divorce or catastrophic illness, a crisis forces us to hit the reset button and reevaluate.  What matters to me?  What do I want to prioritize? How do I want to live my life? A life of authenticity, intention and purpose can follow after you examine yourself and your life. It is an amazing opportunity to shift and grow.

One of the smaller opportunities I am seeing for the work I do is the chance to shift to virtual events. I’ve always been interested in and intended to do workshops virtually but always put it on hold, unsure of how it would work. Now I have no choice but to do things virtually so am excited take on this challenge, even with a bit fear that I will fall flat on my face. But I’ve been through enough to know I will be okay no matter how it goes. The virtual Coffee with Intention at the beginning of this month went well so I look forward to doing more. I hope some of these connective experiences resonate with you and if they do, please join us. All events are low-cost donation based/pay what you can and are completely free if you are financially insecure. Also, because these events are virtual, please join us even if you are outside the Seattle area!

Heart Centered Businesswomen Support Group

If you are a female business owner in Seattle with a heart centered business that provides authentic connection and empowerment to others, please join me this Monday to support each other through this crisis. Many of our businesses are struggling to get through so let’s inspire each other to get through this together.
Monday, April 13th @2:00pm. REGISTER.

Raw Storytelling for Women: Spontaneous Storytelling+Workshop:
Trusting Yourself in the Unknown

Learning to trust ourselves when facing the unknown is a powerful tool we can develop to get through these trying times. Let’s get grounded, do a bit of journaling and sharing, and practice trusting ourselves by telling spontaneous stories prompted by questions on a variety of topics. You do not have to speak to participate. Listening to and holding space for others is an important component to the Raw Storytelling experience. 
Saturday, April 18th @10:00am. REGISTER.

Book + Journal: Untamed

While these times can be incredibly challenging for many of us, it can also be an opportunity for self-reflection. Join me in reading Glennon Doyle’s latest book, Untamed and we can meet virtually to discuss the book, share our thoughts and do a little journaling together.⁣⁣
Saturday, April 25th @10:00am. REGISTER.

Coffee with Intention: Resilience

Let’s get together for coffee (or tea) and intentional conversation on the topic of RESILIENCE. ⁣Jaeda Dewalt states, “When we learn to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.” This seems like a good topic to focus on as we adjust to this new, temporary reality.⁣
Saturday, April 2nd @10:30am. REGISTER.

Header image by STIL on Unsplash.