I am so excited to be announcing a new service arm of my business called Branding with Purpose for Soulpreneurs. Actually, this isn’t new and it’s something I’ve been doing here and there but decided to formalize it into a specific experience.

If there is anything that I’ve learned about running a business that is as much about your personal journey as it is fulfilling a calling, it’s that it unfolds in ways you never considered. And when you live and run your business in an aligned way, you attract others doing the same and this work naturally unfolded for me. ⠀⠀

The Branding with Purpose experience is about creating an experience for the Soulpreneur who wants an elevated branding experience that focuses more on the being than the doing. Clarifying your why, portraits that reflect the parts of you that you want to feel connected to, and having images reflect your core values are what it’s all about. Along with this is a new mentoring program, “The Soulpreneur Way,” for those of you needing extra support before you get to the branding step.

Many of you are a Soulpreneur whose business aligns with who you truly are. Your work is purposeful and your brand is also the story of you. Your photographer should understand that and bring those qualities out of you so that your images reflect you and your business authentically. ⠀

Want to see what the branding experience entails? Want to learn more about The Soulpreneur Way? I’ll be sharing more in the coming days but you can also visit the Branding with Purpose link in my profile to learn more and if you’re intrigued, let’s chat!