Being a Soulpreneur means your business aligns with who you truly are. Your work is purposeful and your brand is also the story of you.


Showing up authentically is important to you and the key to attracting the type of clients whom you can serve best.


You run your business like your life—intentionally. You place high value on how you show up and serve your clients.


Being aligned is about staying true to your vision and values and reflecting them in both your business and personal life.

Step Into Your Calling

Being a Soulpreneur means looking inward and trusting that you have all of the answers within you. When you are looking for an experience to empower you to step into your calling, the person you work with should understand what that journey is like.

All of these services unfolded from walking my own Soulpreneur path. I am an expander and my role is to create the spaces you require to look into the deepest, truest, most beautiful parts of you so you can express them externally and walk your path as you were mean to.

If you’d like to learn more about how I got here, visit the About section.

Branding with Purpose

A photography branding experience to connect to your true self and embody your values so you can show up authentically for your business.

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Embody Your Calling Program

A mentoring program to clarify, align to, and embody your calling so can move through your business with intention, integrity and ease.

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WomanSpeak by KC Baker

A transformative speaking program that connects you to your deepest, most authentic voice so you can resonate with and attract your ideal clients.

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The Branding with Purpose Experience

Focusing on the being, more than the doing.

01. Clarify Your Why

We connect to discuss your WHY, set your intentions and get clear on how you would like to represent you and your business. This is a creative process focused on creating images that tell a story to help you engage with the people you serve in more deep and meaningful ways.

02. Connect with Your Authenticity

We don't call them headshots because headshots are about molding your image in an effort to please others. The Professional Portrait Session focuses instead on what qualities you would like to connect to within yourself so your can shine through as your authentic self.

03. Embody Your Values

Embodying your values is critical to your business. The Values Session creates 'vignettes' to represent not just your business to the people you serve, but to empower you to step into them. When your images are aligned in this way, there is flexibility and ease in creating content based on your authentic voice.

Case Study

Executive Coach

Professional Portrait Session

Tricia wanted her portraits to represent POWER. We spoke at length about what power meant to her and defined it as a quiet power that lived within and had nothing to prove. The session experience wasn’t just about showing others this version of herself, but about pushing past her discomfort to embody what power meant to her.

"The portrait session was on the literal edge of my comfort zone. It brought out a different, more powerful side of me that I don't usually show to the world. The photos are so powerful and impactful."

Values Session

Values represent the why behind what you do. Guided by her values of CELEBRATION, MEDITATION, & INTENTIONS, we collaboratively came up with ways to represent them by focusing on how she lives them in her life. As soulpreneurs, we practice what we preach and that means living the values we promote to those we serve.

"My highest self came out to play that day—that's the experience Judy provided. It felt so authentic and it wasn't acting or posing. Judy captured my joy, groundedness, centeredness, and deepest values."

Does this feel aligned?

The Branding with Purpose experience includes:

Portrait Session
  • 1 Hour Session Design Consultation
  • 1 Hour Portrait Session
  • Professional Makeup+Hair
  • 30 Minute Virtual Reveal to process Your images
  • 7-10 Individually edited Digital Files delivered online
Values Session
  • 1 Hour Session Design Consultation
  • 3+ Hour Branding Session
  • Professional Makeup+Hair
  • Minimum 50 Individually edited Digital Files delivered online

Both experiences are in-studio. Need on location? Let’s talk!

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The Embody Your Calling Mentoring Program

You got here because your life unfolded in unexpected ways that taught you important life lessons. All of this pulled you into the work you do but that also means you’re following your own path. Traditional business advice doesn’t appeal to you and you know there is another way.

The Embody Your Calling mentoring program is about getting clear on defining your business and getting into the right mindset to move through your business with intention, integrity and ease. The program covers the following:

01. It's not about the business plan.

It's not about what you do but why you do it. Clarify your WHY, your values and intentions so you can better flow with how your business unfolds.

02. Cultivating Authenticity & Trust.

Understand how to tell your story and market yourself so that you connect in an authentic and meaningful way to attract just the right clients.

03. Where you should really place your value.

Move away from an outcome and achievement based mindset. Learn what you should value instead to best serve both you and your clients.

04. Money & Abundance.

Identify your relationship to money and learn how to lean into an abundance mindset to get you through the ups and downs with more ease.

05. Success & Failure.

Let go of traditional definitions of success & failure so that you can define them for yourself, empowering you to be more resilient.

06. Feeling into the future.

The Soulpreneur way is about being there for the journey but envisioning your future in an aligned way is important to stepping into your potential.

Does this feel beneficial and supportive to you?

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Conversations on the Soulpreneur Way

Listen to my conversations with fellow Soulpreneurs on how they run their businesses aligned to who they are and their values. These were featured on Instagram Live.

What's next?

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