On this last day of 2019, I want to celebrate my highlights. It’s so easy for us to focus on what we didn’t do or accomplish so it’s important to take stock in what we did accomplish and to celebrate every little win. In no particular order, here are some of the highlights I would like to share, my top 9 as shared on Instagram.

1. Being published in Mantra Magazine.
2. Doing shadow work and learning to embrace my sadness (an intention I set at the beginning of the year).⁣
3. Starting Coffee with Intention podcast.⁣
4. Speaking at the Women for One Truthteller Tour AND making new friends this year.
5. Conceptualizing Visible Women Space.
6. Facilitating Finding Light in the Dark with Angie Louthan.
7. The RAW Project.⁣
8. Starting Raw Storytelling for Women.⁣
9. Watching women go through incredible growth in WomanSpeak (we were celebrating a birthday in this pic).⁣

What would YOU choose as your top 9 highlights?⁣