Coffee with Intention Podcast

How often do we get the opportunity for deeply engaging conversation? Coffee with Intention features intentional and vulnerable conversation with a guest on various topics so we can live with more authenticity, intention and purpose.

Coffee with Intention began as a monthly gathering for women to have intentional conversation and deeply connect to themselves and each other over coffee and pastries. Each coffee event would include pre-written questions to help guide discussion on a selected topic. Fear, vulnerability, parenting, relationships, midlife, perfectionism, money, spirituality & religion, and our parents were all topics that we covered. The event was inspired by my own journey when I asked women out for coffee to have deep and honest conversations about life.

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Episode 10. Reclaiming Your Voice after Trauma with Kalanit Cress-Lagbas. Full episode here.

Episode 09. Connecting through Vulnerability with Audrey Phillips. Full episode here.

Episode 08. Overcoming Perfectionism & the Gifts of Imperfection. Full episode here.

Episode 07. Listening to Your Body & Letting Go of the Hustle with Susan Palmer Wood. Full episode here.

Episode 06. Redefining Religion and Showing Up Authentically with Ashley Nicholson. Full episode here.

Episode 05. Creating the Relationship You Desire with Michelle Acquavella. Full episode here.

Episode 04. Infertility, Darkness & Being Broken Open with Carol Gavhane. Full episode here.

Episode 03. Beauty Standards and Body Image with Linda Yoon. Full episode here.

Episode 02. Responsibility and Getting Triggered as a Parent with Angie Louthan. Full episode here.

Episode 01. Dating with Self-Awareness Post Divorce with Anne Miller. Full episode here.