Coffee with Intention Podcast

How often do we get the opportunity for deeply engaging conversation? Coffee with Intention features intentional and vulnerable conversation with a guest on various topics so we can live with more authenticity, intention and purpose.

Coffee with Intention began as a monthly gathering for women to have intentional conversation and deeply connect to themselves and each other over coffee and pastries. Each coffee event would include pre-written questions to help guide discussion on a selected topic. Fear, vulnerability, parenting, relationships, midlife, perfectionism, money, spirituality & religion, and our parents were all topics that we covered. The event was inspired by my own journey when I asked women out for coffee to have deep and honest conversations about life.

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Episode 04. Infertility, Darkness & Being Broken Open with Carol Gavhane. Full episode here.

Episode 03. Beauty Standards and Body Image with Linda Yoon. Full episode here.

Episode 02. Responsibility and Getting Triggered as a Parent with Angie Louthan. Full episode here.

Episode 01. Dating with Self-Awareness Post Divorce with Anne Miller. Full episode here.