“The biggest thing my events serve, it’s like a training of practicing the muscle. I would describe the most typical person that’s coming is like, I know I want or should or need…to have more vulnerability in my life but there’s kind of like a, I don’t have the space or I don’t have the people or I don’t quite know what to do.”

Audrey Phillips and I have conversation about her personal journey through darkness after sexual assault, her time in the wilderness and the birth of her 365 connection cards and events, which are designed to encourage people to have vulnerable conversations. We talk about isolation, connecting to our bodies, belonging, and being on a purpose filled path.

Audrey is an entrepreneur who is passionate about creating spaces for people to connect by designing card games to spark conversations. She loves running long distances, backpacking and reading non-fiction. She was born and raised in Washington but has returned home after studying geology in Maine and guiding in Colorado to start graduate school to become a sex therapist.

Learn more about her connection cards and events at 365 Meaningful Conversations.

Show Notes:

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Audrey’s story she shared on the Truthteller Tour, “A Vulnerable Leap into Connection”

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