We are winding down to the end of 2018 with the last remaining months. It’s a wonderful time to start reflecting on the year as well as think about what lies ahead for 2019. It’s also the time of year to be extra mindful as the holidays approach. It is easy to get overwhelmed so it’s especially important to stay centered and to make sure you leave space inside for YOU so you can show up as your best self. Before I share with you the exciting events coming up, I wanted to share this video again about “being busy” and how there is a big difference between actually being busy versus feeling busy.

So to get away from scarcity thinking, remember to take a breath when you start feeling overwhelmed and say to yourself, “You will be okay and have enough time to get everything done” and then prioritize! I know I will be doing this a lot!

I am so excited to be sharing these upcoming events with you as I start to reflect on my own year and think about what intentions I want to set for 2019. Have you thought about yours at all? I’ll be sharing that personal journey with you in upcoming newsletter issues.


Wednesday, November 7 @7:00 PM  WomanSpeak Circle Starts!
I’m so excited to officially start our WomanSpeak Circle! We will be meeting twice a month on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays. While I am no longer actively recruiting for the Circle, if you have a strong interest in joining, please contact me at hi@judyleephotography before our first meeting. For more information, visit here.

Sunday, November 11 @10:00 AM — Sunday Self-Care with Tribe Life Events
Holidays can be a hectic and stressful time. I am so excited to be hosting Hannah of Tribe Life Events at the studio to offer you an intentional experience to help you get centered for the holidays . I’ve learned the hard way that if you don’t make time for yourself, you won’t have enough space inside of you to deal with challenges…like family visits and kids who are home from school much longer than you’re used to! Be more intentional this holiday season so you can be more fully present for yourself and those you love. For more information about the Yoga Reiki experience with Hannah and to reserve your spot, visit here. Spots are limited so if you want to go, please reserve now!

Friday, November 16 @10:00 AM — Coffee with Intention on MONEY
Money is about so much more than just money. We have beliefs about it, feelings about it and energy around it. How we view and use money has a lot to do with our identity and sense of self worth, especially as women. Let’s have intentional conversation about Money, especially now with gift giving season upon us! Reserve your seat here.


Saturday, December 1 @Multiple Timeslots  Headshot Event
Your online presence matters and having a professional, high quality headshot is essential for establishing you as a qualified professional. Come get your headshot taken with me at your convenience. Prior to your session, you will receive access to video content to help you prepare with the right mindset and complete a questionnaire so we can be sure to get an image that reflects what you want to communicate on your session day. This is a limited offering and a $100 savings off a regular headshot session. Reserve your spot today!

Saturday, December 8 @10:00 AM  M Meditation Event
Earlier this year, I attended an M Meditation event and came away from the richly layered experience feeling fully present and with a heightened sense of awareness. I enjoyed the experience so much that I asked if I could host an event at my studio for them.  I am excited to be hosting Tay and Val’s meditation event called, “Within,” which is aligned with my studio’s mission. More details about the experience will be coming soon.

Sunday, December 9 @9:00 AM — Using Fear As Your Compass Workshop
We all have fears and oftentimes, they can be debilitating. But what if we could shift the way we see fear and instead of it stopping us from doing something, it helped us grow instead? How different would your life be? What could be on the other side of your fears? Join me for this group workshop where we will explore our fears and figure out how to use them to help rather than hinder us. Buy tickets here. (Participate in both this and the Intention Setting Workshop in January for a combined $35 savings when you purchase both. Email me for discount code.).

Friday, December 14 @10:00 AM  — Coffee with Intention on PARENTS
Tickets available soon.


Sunday, January 6 @9:00 AM  Intentions Setting Workshop & Portrait
Many people set New Year’s Resolutions and maybe you do too but how many people really stick to them? The problem with resolutions and the goal setting approach is that you become too focused on the outcome, rather than the process. It’s easy to feel like a failure when you miss your goals and that contributes to self-defeating thinking. So instead of setting goals in 2019, join me for this workshop so you can set your intentions for the year in a meaningful way. Then you will have your picture taken with a symbolic representation of one of your intentions so you have something tangible to motivate you as you progress through your year. Buy tickets here. (Participate in both this and the Using Fear As Your Compass Workshop in December for a combined $35 savings when you purchase both. Email me for discount code.).