I’ve been working nonstop and many long hours to complete my studio and it’s finally done! Now that everyone’s seen it at my Open House, I would love to give you a tour. Let’s go!

I put a little placard on my door that has my logo and “A Place Where Women Can Feel Like they Matter.” It’s what I thought about as I set to decorate the space. I wanted the Studio to be an intentional space for women to feel like they matter.

Once you come in, you’re greeted by plants in fabulous hanging baskets. There is a kitchen area so I can provide refreshments for clients and events. Did you know that my Transformative Portrait Experience comes with lunch? It’s a day’s shoot so a lunch break is important! I took a lot of time researching and shopping to find just the right pieces to put in the studio. The refrigerator is my favorite item in this area. I get lots of compliments on it!

There are two comfy chairs for client meetings. My Transformative Experiences come with mentoring session. I want to hear your story, explore how you see yourself and truly see and acknowledge you. It’s also a chance for us to authentically connect.

There is plenty of room for my 8 feet tall V-Flats in white and black. I use these for backdrops and to reflect and control lighting. My backdrop selection is limited to variations of gray. The photo sessions about capturing you so the backdrops are uncomplicated.

This little corner houses the office space where I can work. Having a dedicated space that energizes me is so important when your house has been taken over my kids. I love being in my studio. I feel calm and centered whenever I am here and hope you can feel that too.

This is the secondary room I had added to my main space. I first resisted the StudioWorks building that I’m in because it didn’t fit what I had imagined but the manager, who was amazing by the way, kept asking me to come back and see spaces. While I was convinced the corner unit that I’m in wasn’t right for me, when she showed me the space next to it and said they could open them up to each other, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and knew this was where I would land.

It took me a while to figure out what to do with the secondary space. I originally envisioned a sofa, changing area and makeup station but it just wouldn’t work out in my mind. While painting the walls, I was all of a sudden inspired and could see a workshop space. When I was on my journey last year, I started asking both friends and people I had just met to coffee for authentic conversation. Hence, Coffee with Intention was born!

Greeting the door is a sign of my beliefs. When I went on my journey, I took a women’s speaking class. It was one of the things I feared doing most and on my first night, I was asked to write down my beliefs and read them to the group. I frantically wrote what came to mind in just a few minutes, based on my journey, and it became a framework for my business model. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Do you see what’s underneath the clock? “You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.” is what I kept telling myself as I faced my past and feelings of self-worth during my journey. It’s a message I have for all women but I wanted to include it on the walls in a subtle way. White, glossy lettering on white walls did the trick. It’s subtle enough that you don’t notice it right away, but when you do, you feel good reading those words.

From inside the room, you can see my reveal wall. That is where you will see a wall of your photographs. It’s an overwhelming experience designed to show all the different sides of you—some might be happy, some nostalgic, others sad. All these different sides of us make us who we are. We are complex beings full of depth and range. One picture doesn’t capture who you are.

Thank you for touring my studio. I hope you can see it in person too.