I woke up today with a strained muscle on my upper back and shoulders. It’s the indicator that I’m under stress which sometimes I don’t recognize because I’m generally calm and take things in stride. One day at a time I’ve been reminding myself but that’s been hard to do the past day or so because there has been talk about this pandemic lasting into summer, schools being out the rest of the year and what feels like an impending city lockdown. .

I spoke to my work neighbor who I share internet with. He cut it and told me he’s likely not coming back because he is the primary breadwinner for his family as a small business owner and has to start conserving money. I just made a big financial investment in my new studio space and signed a year lease. How will I get through this? Business has dried up as you might have guessed so a lot has been on my mind. .

Today we had our first WomanSpeak class on Zoom. It was so grounding and connecting as it always is and while we were still trying to figure how how to do things on video instead of person, it was so calming as I listened to everyone’s talks and we connected. Connection is what we need most during hard times and this is what we are currently lacking as we self isolate to protect others. But today’s Zoom WomanSpeak class reminded me that we are resilient in challenging times and come up with ever more creative ways to adapt and get what we need. I am so grateful for the women in my group. What a gift they are to me and each other in these trying times.