Crows feet.

Do you see them? It’s such an ugly name for something so beautiful…lines that develop on our faces slowly over the years every time we smile or laugh. There are other lines on our faces too…all evidence of the life we’ve lived, good and bad but all a valuable part of our human experience.

When you have a portrait experience, you will still see some of these lines in your images. Skin retouching is done carefully and purposefully to preserve these parts of you. Sure, some things are diminished like the under eye bags from the lack of sleep, or the hormonal zit on your chin but your skin should have texture and pores. You should LOOK LIKE YOU because you are wonderful, amazing and beautiful just as you are. During your consultation, we will discuss the level of skin retouching you desire and ultimately, it will be up to you but those lines…I will leave those beautiful laugh lines because they represent all the joy and happiness you’ve experienced.

Embrace who you are…fully…because you are enough…just as you are.