When you’re fully aligned to what you do, taking an extended break is hard, especially when you’re a mom and vacations aren’t really vacations. My threshold is a week so the two week Christmas break was a bit tough for me. I’ll be honest. Being home with my kids and husband for extended periods of time with no real alone time and work to fulfill my sense of purpose is draining for me. We’ve had a wonderful weeklong visit with my brother and a low key Christmas. I gave myself permission to step away from work which was nice but tiring by the end of the week so we went on a day trip to Bainbridge Island to help me reset for another week. But I was ready to go back to the pile of work I have waiting for me and still have a whole other week left with the kids, this time with no husband.

Integrating family and business is no joke because the notion that you can multitask effectively is not true. Your mindset and attention can only be fully on one thing at a time which means something is always being neglected when I am doing both. I know this is just a blip and things will return to our normal routine but extended breaks like Christmas and summers are always challenging for me no matter the mindset I go into it with and that’s okay. Because no matter how far along you’ve progressed on your journey, there will be ups and downs, feeling “good” and feeling “bad,” and what you learn isn’t only to have good days but to be okay with all of it no matter how it makes you feel.

To reset my mindset back into working full time, I took the New Year’s Evolution workshop by my friend Hannah Talbot of Anam Cara Healing Center. It was such a wonderful way to get around female energy again, which is sorely missing from my family, and think about how I want to feel and visioning the year for myself. I am grateful for the opportunity to get back into the flow and starting the New Year right.