What don’t you like about yourself? There are many qualities in myself that I would like to work on. If you’ve been following me, you know that sadness is one of the shadows I’ve committed to exploring this year. I believed that if I pushed down feelings of sadness and ran away from it while chasing after happiness, the sadness would go away…. But that’s not how things work. Psychologist Carl Rogers, whose work is the foundation for many therapies, explains,

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.”

We are under the mistaken belief that in order to resolve the things in us that we don’t like, we need to avoid and resist. Do you know what running away from sadness left behind? It didn’t help the feelings go away. It just buried them further and further down inside until I couldn’t feel anything, including happiness, joy and abundance. Jealousy, anger, insecurity…these are just the few of the shadows living inside of me. We all have them. We are human and we are flawed. But sometimes, these things hold us back and prevent us from living the lives we’re meant to live…from being the women we’re meant to be. They keep visiting us, despite our best efforts, and will continue to do so until we acknowledge and accept them.

You’re invited to “Finding Light in the Dark,” a workshop designed by Life Coach Angie Louthan and myself to explore our shadows and learn to embrace them. It’s scary to look at our shadows, let alone in the presence others. But we’ll be creating an intimate, safe space for you to do so. If you’ve never been to my studio, you’ll realize right away that you can arrive as your beautifully flawed self and feel worthy, seen and accepted fully for who you are without judgment. We will be with you every step of the way. We see this as incredibly important work because we’re currently going through it ourselves. Step into the dark to find your light so you can learn to fully love and embrace yourself. You are worthy and you are whole, shadows and all.

Finding Light in the Dark Workshop
Saturday, October 5th & 12th @10:00am
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