I’ve moved spaces. I had originally planned to move to a large 1000 sq. ft. space and planned to bring a collective of other businesswomen with me under the Visible Women Space vision but the timing wasn’t working out for them so I had put that plan on hold. Instead, I decided to move to another space in my building and come up with a interim version of VWS so I could lay the groundwork until my collective was ready to make the jump.

Many people were curious about my move. Why did I move when I remained in my building and the space wasn’t any bigger? The short answer is that I needed a change. I’d been at my previous space for two years and while it has served me well, I needed a shift in energy. I have always wanted more light and while my previous space was North and West facing, it only had windows which were quite high up. The new space is South facing so has tons more light and I have a sliding glass door leading out to a 200 sq. ft. patio (which I have lots of plans for when budget allows). Instead of views of the supermarket and buildings, I now see far reaching hillsides. More importantly, the interior space, while square footage wise is a tiny bit smaller, is one big room rather than two separate rooms combined. It has a greater sense of space and is easier for me to move things around for both photoshoots and especially for events (see photo below). It certainly isn’t everything I wanted in a move but sometimes it takes a few smaller steps to get to the bigger one.

Spacious setup for a workshop.


It was a bit of a rush as I juggled a one week overlap in rent, less than two weeks between clients, my kids being off a week for winter break (they played a lot of Kindle in the studio as I worked), moving furniture around as I restored and repainting my old space back. I thought it would be more stressful and busy but I truly believe “feeling busy” is a mindset so I took it one step at a time, one day at a time and it went surprisingly smoothly because I only needed to buy and assemble a few items. When I opened my original space, I remember working for a month every free minute I had while the kids were in school and late into the night but I was starting from scratch then and that made all the difference.

New space before any work.
Beginning to restore the old space back.
New space after painting it white.

Finally Completed

Please enjoy below a virtual tour of the completed studio. I was also able to rent a storage closet so was able to move some of my photography things there, which helps the studio stay feeling spacious. I hope you are able to come visit me soon to see it in person! All photos were taken with my phone.