“Why would I need an entire box of photographs? I just need one.”

Is that what you first thought when you first learned about the Portfolio Box offered with the Transformative Portrait Experience? You need more than one… or five… or 10 images of you because the Transformative Experience isn’t about having a pretty picture of yourself. It’s about exploring who you are. We think we know ourselves well but we really don’t. How we see ourselves is burdened by our beliefs about who we think we are and what we think we’re capable of. They are based on our history and the stories people tell us about who we are. They are also based on the stories we tell ourselves.

To truly explore and look inward, you need to see all sides of you because you are a complex, multifaceted human being. You are light and dark, joyful and sad, young and old and ALL of those sides are beautiful. You need to see all these sides so that you can confront them and accept them. To live life fully and show up as your most authentic self, you need to embrace all parts of you and recognized that all them are worthy of being seen and worthy of love.

That is why the Experience come with a Portfolio Box of pictures. You are beautiful. Every single side of you.