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If you’ve been following Emily’s journey, we got a chance to sit down with her in Part I and learned why she entered the giveaway and what she expected from the portrait experience. In Part II, we get a peek into Emily’s portrait session day. Emily felt pampered because this was the first time she had makeup applied professionally and hair styled.

A few days later, she sat down for an interview to talk about what the experience felt like. The biggest takeaway from her portrait session day was how quickly she became comfortable in front of the camera. She and I really connected and we fell into a rhythm where she started anticipating my direction and I could draw what I wanted from her quickly. Although Emily does not like to be the focus of attention, she liked the experience. She says,

“I expected to kind of feel silly at first but I really didn’t. It was something I slipped into right away. I felt comfortable. Just being the focus of attention which is so rare for me, I’m an introvert, I don’t like being the center of attention but it was a really nice feeling.”