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To launch my new studio portrait business, I offered a giveaway and the grand prize was a full studio experience and print collection. The grand prize winner, randomly chosen by my son among qualified entrants, was Emily. I interviewed Emily prior to her session about her expectations. When I asked why she entered, she focused on her desire to reconnect with herself. She replied:

“It’s been a rough year and a half and I’m pretty tired all the time…and that’s what people see…and it’s kind of gotten me away from feeling normal, feeling comfortable, feeling like myself and I don’t want it to go on so long that I don’t have that part of myself anymore.”

I think a lot of women can identify with what she says. Moms usually put themselves last. When we deal with other difficult life experiences on top of that, we can sometimes feel like we disappear. We become so consumed with giving to others that we are often left with little to nothing of ourselves. Emily is a perfect example of that. She is a giver. She is always kind, generous of her time and concerned about others’ well-being. This portrait session was the perfect opportunity to put herself first, remember who she is and reconnect with herself. Watch the video to hear what Emily has to say about this and what she anticipates.