Part I | Part II | Emily’s Reveal

“This wasn’t just taking a picture. This was a journey.”

Portrait Session Giveaway winner Emily finally had her reveal. When she saw the pictures, she was initially overwhelmed. As she took time to look, she began seeing her many different sides. Each of the pictures reflected different times in her life. In her post interview, she explained,

“I see the me from before I had kids. I see the me from my early time with my husband, before we were husband and wife. I see the mom in there as well. I think I see a little bit of my future self—the wisdom that I’ve garnered over time.”

When asked why it was important to have her portrait made, she talked about her kids. She wants them to see who she was when they’re grown,

“I want them to be able to see these sides of me. To know that I’m not just their mom. I am a woman and I have parts of me that haven’t come out to play for a while. I want them to show their kids and to show them that was their mom.”

Watch the post-reveal interview and see her reaction for yourself. She sits down with me for a post-reveal interview and you can listen to what she says. Who do you see when you look at these pictures of Emily?