Worthless. Tired. Flawed. Alone. Afraid. Angry. Helpless. Bad. Not enough. These are the words I would’ve used to describe myself before I finally made the decision to go on a journey in the fall of 2017. What does going on a journey even mean? It means different things to different people. To me, it was about feeling tired of my life and deciding it was time for change. It meant I was finally willing to face all the feelings and fears from which I had spent a lifetime of running. I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t know what would happen. But I knew it was time and I wanted something more than to feel empty and without purpose in the world. My journey started with the newsletter, “I Want to Matter,” which felt like I was standing on the edge of a huge cliff and taking a leap into the dark unknown, not knowing how and where I would land. I started sharing what felt to me like shameful secrets, taking off a lifetime of emotional armor and finally found myself again, my true self, not the version I saw from the dark place I was in.

Going on a journey is painful. It’s letting yourself go places you’ve been running away from and seeing what’s buried deep inside. It’s walking into the darkness but also getting through it to the other side…where there is light and where you’ll be able to see yourself again. Worthy. Creative. Powerful. Connected. Hopeful. Good. Beautifully Flawed. Enough. These are now the words I use to describe myself. And it is because of this that I see it in other women too.

I’ve created a guide based on my journey called “Reconnect: Go on a Journey to Reconnect with Yourself.” It’s designed to give you a blueprint for how you can go on your own journey to reconnect with yourself and walk towards the woman you truly are, not the version based on your limited beliefs. This guide is available when you subscribe to my newsletter below.