Happy 2nd Anniversary to me! Oh my gosh, yesterday was my two year anniversary and I almost let it get away without noticing! The official Grand Opening Open House was on March 25, 2018. I guess I could feel two different ways about this…sadness that there is so much uncertainty about business right now due to the Pandemic or joy from making it two years and recognition of all that I’ve created from trust and intuition. I’m currently reading the book, The Power of Meaning and it says people feel their lives have meaning if they meet three criteria:⁣

  1. They evaluate their lives as significant and see themselves as part of something bigger.⁣
  2. They believe their lives make sense.⁣
  3. They feel their lives are driven by purpose. ⁣

⁣I can safely say that I believe my life has meaning and meets all three criteria. This doesn’t mean my life is perfect or I’m always happy or that I don’t have hard, down days when I’m feeling sad (as I’ve been experiencing recently and shared with all of you on Instagram). It means that I accept all that comes with life, even when things feel hopeless, and know it’s always temporary. I truly believe that all the darkness I’ve been through, the struggles and former perfectionism was so that I could share openly about these things and show women these parts of themselves with love and no judgment so that they don’t feel alone and can love their flawed selves as they are. I would never voluntarily go through some of those hard times again but I choose to make meaning from them.⁣

So, as you may I have guessed, I feel joyful thinking about my anniversary and only wish I can spend it with all of you in person. Happy Anniversary!