When Carol Gavhane was going through infertility and pregnancy loss, an intentional piece of jewelry gave her something to hold on to. Was the jewelry magic? Of course not. But it gave her the courage to keep moving forward through her journey and her intentional jewelry company Asha Blooms was born.

As we’re walking on our personal journeys towards who we truly are, we oftentimes struggle with the gap between who we believe we are and who we want to become. The truth is, you already are the woman you want to become. She is in there and the struggle we often feel is inside of us, of not being able to see and feel our true selves. Our thoughts and intentions matter. They play a powerful and critical role in our journeys to show up in the world as we truly are.

Join Judy Lee Photography and Asha Blooms for this collaborative workshop where we will explore our thoughts about ourselves and set an “I Am” intention to help us heal from what’s holding us back and move forward. A selection of handcrafted Asha Blooms’ “I Am” intentional necklaces will be made available from which to choose so you can wear it as a reminder of your intention and help you feel like you matter.

Judy Lee Photography is a transformative portrait photographer who creates spaces for women to be seen so they can show up in the world as their most authentic selves and live with more intention and purpose. Asha Blooms is an intentional and purposeful jewelry company whose mission is inspire, uplift and help women believe in themselves.

In addition to receiving an “I Am” intentional necklace in either 14k gold fill, sterling silver or Argentium silver, participants will receive 20% off a future purchase from Asha Blooms. Light refreshments will be served.

The workshop takes place on Monday, May 13 at 10:00am – 12:00pm. If you would like to learn more about the Asha Blooms journey and why intentional jewelry because such a force in Carol’s life, please visit the Coffee with Intention podcast conversation with Carol Gavhane.


Photo by Asha Blooms.