Growing up in an immigrant family and as a woman of color, I always struggled with a sense of belonging. Add to that the belief I was shy and you can imagine how much anxiety I felt being around unfamiliar spaces and people.

Because I know what it feels like to not belong and feel anxious about showing up and showing others who I am, how people experience and feel in my workshops and events are what I value most.

I was fortunate enough to partner with Angelee of Manifest House who understands this too and we were able to create a safe space for women to show up, be vulnerable and connect to their childhood selves to facilitate healing at our Dear You: Reconnecting to Your Inner Child workshop this past weekend.

One of our participants shared her experience in the workshop with us. Van writes,

“Taking the time to connect to my inner child through a photograph was powerful. The workshop created a unique and safe space that allowed me to go back in time, and find understanding and acceptance, and left me feeling lighter yet more grounded.” 

If you’ve been interested in attending one of my events, I invite you to take a chance and attend. Not only will you leave feeling connected to others, but most importantly, connected to yourself. Coffee with Intention on our Inner Child is up next and I hope you join us.



Photo by Kat Stokes on Unsplash