Do you pay attention to who you surround yourself with? Do you note how you feel after you spend time with people? What about your energy? When you start paying attention to your energy and emotions after interacting with people, you’ll notice that some people energize you and others drain. An important way to live a more intentional life is to pay attention to that and be mindful of who you say “yes” and “no” to. That old saying about becoming your friends is true. Surround yourself with people you admire and uplift you and you will find yourself showing up as your best self.

So next time you are invited to or asked to do something, say to yourself “my time and energy are valuable” and decide if you’re willing to give that valuable resource away. We all have a small reserve of energy and we have to be careful of where we spend it or you won’t have much left to do or take care of the things and people in life that matter most.

Photo by Dragan Lassiter Photography at a Gather Seattle event that always draws the most creative, authentic people and where I always feel energized.