In October of 2017, I decided to start my journey back to myself through writing after living a life filled with fear, perfectionism and hiding. Writing through my newsletter was one of the tools I used to set myself free and it led to a life aligned with my true self.

Journaling for Growth

Writing and sharing can be a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. Let’s gather together to reflect on our past, present and grow into our future by journaling together. You will be provided with a prompt, we will discuss, journal and then share what we wrote.

Authentic Connection

This gathering isn’t about being a good writer or saying just the right things. It’s about showing up for each other and ourselves in our truth, however messy and unorganized that might be. Journaling in itself can be life changing but putting spoken words to thoughts and sharing can be even more powerful and transformative.

Be Present

If you decide to RSVP, please commit to coming. Bring your journal and pen with you. Please arrive with the intention of being fully present, not just for yourself but for each other (this includes showing up on video).

Register for Journaling Circle