“It showed me a part of myself that I never see in my mind…The longer I look at them, the more I see and the who that I see is somebody that I haven’t been in touch with so I’m getting to know myself…It’s not about the superficial, the makeup, the hair and the clothing, it got down to that person in there…”

Kate’s portrait experience left her a bit overwhelmed. Looking at her images, she saw herself at different stages in life—all the way from little girl to mature woman. She was confronted with versions of herself with whom she was unfamiliar and she saw herself in ways she hadn’t in a long time.

Prior to the session, I spoke to Kate about how portraits can help a woman reconnect with herself. The message resonated with her but the experience left her more surprised than anticipated. Her images showed that there was more strength in her than she realized. She was struck by how confident she looked. She saw how great she looked even with her graying head of hair. Kate came away from the session feeling like she needed time to really look at her images. They were more than just pictures. They represented who she was and they gave her the opportunity to get to know herself better.