“I should be in pictures more.” This is what Kristin said at her reveal but this wasn’t how she felt when she began her journey.

When you look at Kristin, you see a very pretty woman who is kind, friendly and good-natured. You would never guess she felt insecure about how she looked. How she feels about herself is reflected in how she sees herself in pictures. She said she always looks awkward and uncomfortable. Although she doesn’t mind being in pictures with her kids or family, she doesn’t like having pictures taken of just her.

Kristin was nervous about how she would look at her reveal. She worried she had done a poor job. Once I revealed the images to her, she was pleasantly surprised and became emotional. None of her insecurities were evident in any of the pictures. They were just of… her. She looked as she does when she’s at peace and feeling happy because they reflected her true self. In her post-session interview, she said,

“I’m not always confident in how I look but when I look at the pictures, I see a beautiful person who’s happy. I see someone who is confident and can let her personality show through and be beautiful, and relaxed. It made me see myself in a different way.”

Just as Kristin realized she should be in pictures more, we should all realize this. We should all make the effort to be in pictures more because the people who love will want to look at us. Someday, it will matter to them when we don’t exist in photographs.

Watch Kristin’s portrait experience to witness her emotional journey for yourself. I am certain that many of us will be able to relate to her insecurities and feelings about having her picture taken.