You’re a teenager and one day, all of your hair starts falling out. Can you imagine how you might have felt at that age when you were already so insecure of who you are and so much of your identity was wrapped up in what you look like? How many of us as adults, during this pandemic when we’re unable to go to salons, have had endless conversations about our hair? How much thought and consideration goes into the decision to change our hairstyles?

It’s been a long journey for Ashlee and while she struggled for years with her hair loss to alopecia, she’s learning to accept herself as she is and seeing the gift in her struggle. She’s learned to surrender to things out of her control, to let go of the small things that don’t matter, and pursue a life that feels true to her.

During her RAW Session, she wrote…

I am beautiful because…

I am whole, I am strong,
and I am here to shine brightly
so that others may find wholeness, strength and light.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Being raw means being unapologetically myself in my moments of blinding light and darkness and everything in between.

This is the beauty of our shadows, our struggles, the things we’ve rejected about ourselves. They don’t take away from who we are, make us less than or unworthy. They enrich who we are, adding complexity and nuance to our human experience. When you look into Ashlee’s eyes, you can see all of that―her pain, struggles, vulnerability, strength, confidence, acceptance…both her light and her dark.

When Ashlee made a consultation appointment me, she didn’t really know what she wanted. She was just drawn to my work and wanted a portrait but didn’t know what. When she told me her story, I knew a RAW session was right for her and when I proposed it, she agreed. She was ready to fully accept herself and step into the light and be seen.

The RAW session is about learning to see that your wholeness comes from who you are―the full spectrum from dark to light. It’s about recognizing that your worth comes from accepting who you are, as you are and seeing how incredibly beautiful that is. With no makeup or hairstyling, it’s just you in a single moment of RAW stillness. This is what beauty truly is because Ashlee is not beautiful like you. She is beautiful like her.

Does this resonate with you? Would you like to consider a RAW Session? Visit the newly redesigned RAW page and learn about the process, investment and more and then reply to this email to schedule a Zoom consultation to discuss the possibility. We are in Phase 2 and can do portraits again in my beautiful studio. I can’t wait to truly see you in all of your glorious RAW beauty.

RAW Session Experience