What if I showed you a portrait of yourself that was hard to look at? What if that portrait reminded you of your sadness and pain? When we look at ourselves, we only look at what we want to see in a very controlled way. But what if I showed you a portrait that made you want to turn away and asked you to look closer? Really look at this picture and tell me what you see. Because when you look into her eyes, you see her story and beyond the sadness and pain lives so much strength and power and that is so incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

When we think of our flaws and the hard emotions we feel, we judge ourselves harshly. But what if we could get past the judgment to see beyond? To recognize that our pain can coexist with strength? That sadness can coexist with joy? What if we dared to love every single part of us? We are such complex beings but we try to fit neatly into predefined ideas of who we should be. Figuring out who you are and learning to love yourself fully is about stepping out of that, seeing your complexity and loving ALL of you just as you are. You are already worthy and whole and much more powerful than you think you are.

The Transformative Portrait experience isn’t about taking pretty pictures of what you look like. It’s about looking into your soul and letting your images tell you your story so you can learn to truly see yourself, accept who you are and let go of what you don’t need. Only when you do these things can you step into the world as the woman you already are inside because she is the woman you’re meant to be. You are enough and you are worthy of being seen.