I had an amazing conversation with Empowered Sisterhood member Susan Park yesterday for our community event Member Live! ⠀

We spoke about Susan’s journey which included the sudden death of her brother, dealing with unprocessed trauma, her military career, and eventually her healing journey which began with an unplanned visit to the self-help section of a bookstore, a seemingly divine intervention. She eventually entered therapy and has been on her journey ever since. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

One of the things we talked about was learning to recognize that we don’t have to take responsibility for others’ reactions to us and how we are learning to take responsibility for our own. We talked about how both of us used to go into downward thought spirals when others didn’t react well to us and how now, we are learning to extend ourselves self-compassion and letting go of judgment so we can stop it when it happens.

One of the lessons she’s learned is that self-compassion for herself has allowed her to be more compassionate towards others and that we are all dealing with trauma and pain. She is learning to extend that compassion towards her mother as she is currently quarantined with her parents in NYC during this time of Covid.⠀

Are you an Empowered Sisterhood member? Visit the Events link in the community to watch the replay and hear Susan’s story! ⠀⠀⠀


Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash