Meaghan came to me wanting to update her headshot for her website. She had been using an old picture she took with her cell phone but wanted to upgrade and look more professional. She had been meaning to do it for years but finally got around to it. Her biggest concern was ensuring the picture was an accurate representation of what she actually looked like. She does not like over-edited headshots that look nothing like the person which is important.

A preconsulation is included in a headshot session and that is just as important as the actual shoot itself. It’s important that we discuss what you want to communicate with the headshot, the style and the amount of editing you prefer. We also talk about your comfort level in front of the camera. To get the most authentic and natural looking photographs, you have to feel comfortable and that comes with proper communication during the consultation and during the shoot.

Meaghan was happy with the images from which she had to choose. She wanted to have a nice smile in her photograph so that she could communicate warmth, trust and professionalism.