Today in WomanSpeak, one of my members gave a talk about what it meant to her to be a human being. Throughout the pandemic, she did so much “doing” as a mother, wife, a worker and boss but despite how productive she was, she was left feeling numb and not able to feel anything anymore. “Being human is feeling,” she explained and just staring at a computer screen for the past 2.5+ years left her senses feeling depleted. She realized how much she missed engaging in all of her senses when she lived life in real life instead of online.*

Her talk struck such a chord with me, especially as a parent. So many of our kids are struggling with the lasting impact of the pandemic as rates of anxiety and depression have dramatically increased for kids and teens over the past few years. We take for granted what it is like to “be” with others. It’s not necessarily about what you’re doing together but about sharing space…about hearing, seeing, smelling, touching and sharing each other’s energy.

November is the month of REFLECTION. It’s a time when our bodies start slowing down as we head towards winter. It’s a time to stay warm and cozy while craving warm drinks and comfort food. This is a time when we turn inward, reflecting on ourselves to shed the things that no longer serve us as we wait for the renewal of spring. This is a meaningful time for self-reflection to reflect on our year and what’s we’ve learned and unlearned.

One of things I’m really reflecting and focusing on is what my WomanSpeak member talked about…of getting back in touch with others to share space and engage in all the senses. It’s why she joined WomanSpeak. Sure, we can make meaningful connections online but there’s something just so different about engaging in person that’s hard to put into words. Perhaps it’s what the member spoke about…that we get a stronger sense of being because all of our senses are so engaged. This is why I have organized intentional gatherings of women through Raw Storytelling for Women, an embodied business meetup as well hosting a pop-up market for my friends. I have so missed the feel of intentional gatherings that help me feel… the connection, inspiration, and the feeling of warm energy we get when we share space with others who share our values of belonging and inherent worth.

I hope you can join us and if you can’t, I hope you can find that warm feeling that connection gives us elsewhere. Happy November.


*What’s shared in WomanSpeak is confidential. This was shared with permission.