My Open House on Sunday March 25th was an amazing success. I had no expectations of the event other than to meet women, friends old and new. Ariane of Dutch+Bow was there selling her gorgeous jewelry, Kate from Kate’s Kitchen was there to treat us to delicious molasses and lemon cookies, and while Summer from Foundation was unable to attend since she was manning her shop, everyone got to look at some of her clothes and enter to win a gift certificate. We had a great turnout of friends and many women that I’ve encountered on my journey showed up as well. I wanted to take pictures of the event but photographing your own event is difficult. I wanted to make sure I talked to everybody and that was more important. I snapped a few images before people showed up but forgot to take pictures of everything including the food table, Foundation clothing and Kate’s cookies (which I did do with my phone and posted on Instagram).

If you came to my Open House, I sincerely thank you. If not, here are some of the pictures of my studio that I finally had a chance to take today so that you can see what it looks like.

[REVISED: Take a tour of the completed studio space here!]