“I always felt like I had to put on this perfect mask…and there’s things I never want to share with friends and family because I was so scared of judgment and I was so scared of not belonging and the shame and the guilt and all of these things…this idea of becoming unmasked and taking the mask off and just saying, ‘This is me. Either accept me or you don’t.””

Ashley Nicholson and I have intentional and vulnerable conversation on religion and spirituality. We discuss her struggles with religion, the sense of belonging, hiding who we are and redefining things so we can show up authentically.

Ashley Nicholson is a Life Coach who empowers others to live an “unmasked” and authentic life. She is the Seattle Parent Life Director, working with and supporting teen parents in the Seattle area. Her life’s passion is to leave a legacy of love and light in all that she says and does.

Show Notes:


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