“Slowly but surely, along with everyone else in the group, the vision of WomanSpeak—taking permission, taking space, owning what you have to say, and most of all trusting yourself started leaving the space and transforming outside of it. I started noticing I was setting boundaries where there never were…I was going back to who I was before…”

Kalanit Cress-Lagbas and I have intentional and vulnerable conversation on reclaiming her voice through WomanSpeak a decade after a significant traumatic event. We discuss her trauma and the ensuing depression, self-judgment and shame. We also discuss how her business helped her discover her value and learning to trust yourself.

Kalanit Cress-Lagbas is a recently single mom of two. She resides in Seattle and co-owns a virtual assistant business, VaRue, with her sister Noa. They’ve been in business 2 years now and love every minute of it. She enjoys reading, archery, golf and music.