“After i had my lumpectomy, they had told me I would never regain feeling on that side of my body. So it’d been very numb and I couldn’t feel it to the touch. After getting angry about it and letting it go, screaming and crying and releasing as much as I could, the next morning I woke up and it was sort all throughout there and all the feeling came back. I realized how much I had been holding on to for years and years.”

Mary Jo Raab and I have intentional and vulnerable conversation about her cancer diagnosis and journey and learning to let go of her emotions. We discuss the inner journey, awakening and living life with intention and awareness. We also discuss her being photographed for the RAW Project.

Mary Jo Raab is a wedding, family and engagement photographer and owner of Mary Jo Photography. She is a Pacific Northwest native who is drawn to the vast landscapes that Washington state has to offer and incorporates it into my everyday life from hiking to photographing amazing people in beautiful locations. She’s a breast cancer survivor, dog lover, and a jokester through and through. I love bringing forth people’s natural smiles and personalities not only in every day interactions, but through story telling as well.